Biographical Information

Since 2022: Deputy Director of Doctoral School of Ecology and Evolution (VDSEE)

Since 2022: University Professor (§99-4) and Group Leader (University of Vienna, Austria)

2015-2021: Associate Professor and Group Leader (University of Vienna, Austria)

2009-2014: Assistant Professor and Group Leader (University of Vienna, Austria)

2008/2009: Guest Professor (University of Vienna, Austria)

2005-2008: Hertha-Firnberg postdoc fellowship (FWF T218; University of Vienna, Austria)

1998-2004: postdoc (University of Vienna, Austria)

Academic Training

2007: Habilitation venia docendi (University of Vienna, Austria)

1999: PhD in Biology (Silesian University, Poland): ”Mitotic and meiotic chromosomes of Arabidopsis thaliana (L.)”

1995: MSc in Biology (Silesian University, Poland)

Grant Support

Principal Investigator:

FWF bilateral project (Austria-Argentina, Austrian Science Fund, FWF) “Diversity and evolution of papricas and chilis (Solanaceae)” (I2119-B16, 2015-2020, € 288K)

FWF project (Austrian Science Fund, FWF): “Origin and genome evolution of polyploids in the genus Melampodium” (P25131-B03 2013-2016, € 385K)

FWF project (Austrian Science Fund, FWF): “Chromosomal evolution in Prospero autumnale complex” (P21440-B03, 2009-2014, € 367K)

Hertha-Firnberg postdoc fellowship for young female scientists (Austrian Science Fund, FWF for the Austrian Ministry of Science, BMWF): ”Chromosomal evolution in Melampodium” (T218, 2005-2008, € 171K)


Smaller Projects (below 10 000 €):


Bilateral WTZ-ÖAD Austria-South Korea: “Genome evolution of diploid and polyploid cytotypes in the Barnardia japonica complex” (KR 03/2020-2023, € 15K)

Bilateral WTZ-ÖAD Austria-Croatia: “The evolution of polyploid Anemone species of sections Multifida and Baldensis” (HR05/2020-2022, € 7,9K)

Bilateral project Austria-Poland (WTZ-ÖAD): “Repetitive sequences and evolution in allotetraploid Chenopodium quinoa and related taxa (Amaranthaceae)” (PL13/2016, 2016-2018, € 6,7K)

Bilateral project Austria-Romania (WTZ-ÖAD): “Genome composition of the somatic hybrids between potato and wild relatives revealed by means of molecular cytogenetic techniques” (RO19/2014, 2014-2015, € 6,6K)

Bilateral project Austria-Poland (WTZ-ÖAD): “Phylogeny and evolution of polyploids of genus Chenopodium” (PL16/2012, 2012-2014, € 5K)

KIÖS project (Austrian Academy of Sciences) “Genome size distribution patterns in Austrian vegetation units: testing the nucleo-type hypothesis” (2012-2014, € 5K)

Bilateral project Austria-Croatia (WTZ-ÖAD): “Genetics of brown algae Cystoseira spp. (Fucales) from the Adriatic Sea” (HR19/2012, 2012-2013, € 5,5K)

Bilateral project Austria-Czech Republic (WTZ-ÖAD): “Polyploid evolution in the Cape flora: insights from the key geophytic genus” (CZ10/2011, 2011-2012, € 5,5K)

KIÖS project (Austrian Academy of Sciences): “Tracing post-polyploidization genome restructuring in the Eastern Alpine autopolyploid complex of Senecio carniolicus (Asteraceae)” (2010-2012, € 8,6K)

Bilateral project Austria-Poland (WTZ-ÖAD): “The origin and evolution of cultivated chenopods and their wild relatives” (PL16/2010, 2010-2011, € 5,5K)

Editorial Work

Subject Editor for Nordic Journal of Botany (since 2012)

Editorial Board Member for Acta Botanica Cracoviensia (since 2012)

Associate Editor for Plant Systematics and Evolution (2014-2023)

Associate Editor for Cytogenetic and Genome Research (since 2014)

Associate Editor for Frontiers of Plant Science (since 2018)

Reviewer for: 40+ journals and grant agencies; Reviewer/examiner for MSc and PhD theses.