Biographical Information

Since 2022: University Professor (§99-4) and Group Leader (University of Vienna, Austria)

2015-2021: Associate Professor and Group Leader (University of Vienna, Austria)

2009-2014: Assistant Professor and Group Leader (University of Vienna, Austria)

2008/2009: Guest Professor (University of Vienna, Austria)

2005-2008: Hertha-Firnberg postdoc fellowship (FWF T218; University of Vienna, Austria)

1998-2004: postdoc (University of Vienna, Austria)

Academic Training

2007: Habilitation venia docendi (University of Vienna, Austria)

1999: PhD in Biology (Silesian University, Poland): ”Mitotic and meiotic chromosomes of Arabidopsis thaliana (L.)”

1995: MSc in Biology (Silesian University, Poland)

Grant Support

Principal Investigator:

FWF bilateral project (Austria-Argentina, Austrian Science Fund, FWF) “Diversity and evolution of papricas and chilis (Solanaceae)” (I2119-B16, 2015-2018, € 288K)

FWF project (Austrian Science Fund, FWF): “Origin and genome evolution of polyploids in the genus Melampodium” (P25131-B03 2013-2016, € 385K)

FWF project (Austrian Science Fund, FWF): “Chromosomal evolution in Prospero autumnale complex” (P21440-B03, 2009-2014, € 367K)

Hertha-Firnberg postdoc fellowship for young female scientists (Austrian Science Fund, FWF for the Austrian Ministry of Science, BMWF): ”Chromosomal evolution in Melampodium” (T218, 2005-2008, € 171K)


Smaller Projects (below 10 000 €):

Bilateral project Austria-Poland (WTZ-ÖAD): “Repetitive sequences and evolution in allotetraploid Chenopodium quinoa and related taxa (Amaranthaceae)” (PL13/2016, 2016-2018, € 6,7K)

Bilateral project Austria-Romania (WTZ-ÖAD): “Genome composition of the somatic hybrids between potato and wild relatives revealed by means of molecular cytogenetic techniques” (RO19/2014, 2014-2015, € 6,6K)

Bilateral project Austria-Poland (WTZ-ÖAD): “Phylogeny and evolution of polyploids of genus Chenopodium” (PL16/2012, 2012-2014, € 5K)

KIÖS project (Austrian Academy of Sciences) “Genome size distribution patterns in Austrian vegetation units: testing the nucleo-type hypothesis” (2012-2014, € 5K)

Bilateral project Austria-Croatia (WTZ-ÖAD): “Genetics of brown algae Cystoseira spp. (Fucales) from the Adriatic Sea” (HR19/2012, 2012-2013, € 5,5K)

Bilateral project Austria-Czech Republic (WTZ-ÖAD): “Polyploid evolution in the Cape flora: insights from the key geophytic genus” (CZ10/2011, 2011-2012, € 5,5K)

KIÖS project (Austrian Academy of Sciences): “Tracing post-polyploidization genome restructuring in the Eastern Alpine autopolyploid complex of Senecio carniolicus (Asteraceae)” (2010-2012, € 8,6K)

Bilateral project Austria-Poland (WTZ-ÖAD): “The origin and evolution of cultivated chenopods and their wild relatives” (PL16/2010, 2010-2011, € 5,5K)

Editorial Work

Subject Editor for Nordic Journal of Botany (since 2012)

Editorial Board Member for Acta Botanica Cracoviensia (since 2012)

Associate Editor for Plant Systematics and Evolution (since 2014)

Associate Editor for Cytogenetic and Genome Research (since 2014)

Reviewer for: 40+ journals and grant agencies; Reviewer/examiner for MSc and PhD theses.